Thursday, February 24, 2011

Made My Day: Singing Mike

Yes, I'm blatantly stealing the "Made My Day" idea from Emily.  It's a good idea.

coffee, coffee, coffee
coffee, coffee, coffee
Mmm, coffee
Today I went to the dentist* and then treated myself with an extra-shot large latte** from the Byerly's*** Eagan Caribou.

There was an Asian gentleman behind the counter who looked familiar. And honestly I was afraid my  brain was pulling an "all-Asians-look-alike" trick on me.  But then he seemed to look at me like he knew me.  Which was enough to convince me that he was likely the same person I had seen before.

Me: Did you used to be at the Burnsville location?
He: Yes
Me: You sang me a song there.
He: Do you want another song?

And then he sang me another song.  A completely made up one.  This time about being Amy and getting extra caffeine.  Totally made my day.  And the last time I ran into him, I was super crabby.  He got rid of the crabbies then, too. I think the song last time was about my mocha.

There's been some chatter lately about how "happy" posts (see here and here) make people depressed. Well, that may be. So this post isn't intended to bring you down.  It's intended to show that every once in a while one runs across something that just makes things a little brighter.  These serendipitous finds are the things I find make life feel well-lived.

 I completely understand how a singing barrista could be the most annoying thing ever, so now you know to watch out if you frequent the Eagan Byerly's. So if you  run into Singing Mike you should know he has a nice voice, doesn't sing for very long, and doesn't sing for everyone.  Also, he asks if you want a song.  It doesn't seem like he'd be offended if you declined.

But really, who doesn't like an improvised song with their coffee?

* No cavities
**I (heart) caffeine!
***For those of you not from the Twin Cities area, Byerly's (and Lunds) is a local high-end grocery store chain that conveniently has Caribou Coffee shops located inside the stores. Also, Caribou is basically a MN Starbucks.  I just want to ensure we're all on the same page.


  1. Singing barrista is a fabulous idea! I also think positive facebook updates make me feel better not worse. The friends I hide are the ones who seem to only be focused on the negatives all the time. Also I saw on your sidebar that you're reading the Ariana Franklin series. Love those books!

  2. Ugh, it's people like you who encourage that annoying man. Thanks...

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