Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cat Tracks

Lately, I seem to be a bit obsessed about a cat.

This cat's path takes it  through the visitor parking area at work,...

...across the median sidewalk,...

...past my parking space,...


...and off towards the dry ice factory.

I spend a lot of time thinking about that cat. Perhaps even an absurd amount of time.  I've already admitted I'm a bit obsessed about a cat I've never seen.  I have to wonder at the cat's story.
  • Is it male? female? old? young?  
  • Why, with wind chills in the -20s F (-29 C), is the cat out and about?
  • What color is it?  
  • Is it someone's pet?  
  • If it's someone's pet why in the world does it have to be out in the cold.
And kitty is obviously cold. If you compare the image below to the "classic" paw print, you can see the cat is practically walking on it's tip toes.

On the other hand if the cat is out and about, maybe I don't need to worry about it.  Assuming that this cat like most cats is a creature of comfort, it wouldn't be wandering if it didn't want to.

But really, what I like about this cat is that I'm aware of it.  Too often, especially when it's cold, we tend spend our outside time bemoaning the elements and not seeing anything.  One of my challenges for this year is to be more aware of the things around me.  I tend to live in my head and over-think things.  At least with this cat I'm over-thinking something outside my head.


  1. Love it! I'm so glad you're aware of the little guy (or gal) too! Love the message here! :)

  2. One thing you may also want to note are the bunny tracks variously found in the parking lot or around the perimeter of the building. Or, if you have reason to be in the parking lot late at night, you can often note the bunnies themselves. Now, what the bunnies are doing in the parking lot, where there is neither shelter nor food this time of year, I have no idea. But I would bet the kitty visits our facility on a regular basis to partake of some yummy Fiver tartare. Or perhaps he belongs to the homeless man used to sleep outside my old cubicle.

  3. @Em - My initial thought is towards male, but who knows

    @TT - I've seen the bunny prints up by the building. I would think the bushes by the lobby would provide decent cover.