Thursday, March 17, 2011

I decided, so it must be

I've decided the best way to avoid reality is to just create my own facts.    "We can clear out the rest of our brains because we have the best fact."  This enlightening gem from XKCD has brought freedom to my chaotic mind.  I can be like Ethan Hunter's Aristotle and just decide on the facts.  
Men have more teeth than women.
Oh yeah?  You counted them?
No.  I decided.  I’m the decider
See, if I just decide on the fact and become the ultimate authority on everything, then my life becomes so much easier.  The way I see it, it's a form of denial that contributes to my sanity by freeing me from cognitive dissonance.  I no longer need to hold onto competing thoughts. I choose the best one and move on.

No longer do I need to sit and ponder on things. It's not necessary to go scrambling about the internet looking for information to prove or disprove a point.  I. AM. THE. DECIDER. I have made it so.  No longer will I lie awake while the events of the past hours, days, weeks, months, years swim and swirl within my cranium like a swarm of migrating sardines swept into a giant bait ball by sharks swishing through the sea.  Nope, those thoughts get completely switched off.

Thinking is overrated.  Fact-making is where the true power is.  I will now go forth and rule the world.
Seriously, though folks, the absence of critical thinking and questioning in some people is amazing to me.  I suppose it is possible to go through life with completely self-made facts, but that seems pretty boring to me.  

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  1. My self-created facts have set me free! I am soooo going to use that line during my exit interview.