Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Don't. It's My Own Fault

June 13 - Reverb Broads
What was your favorite childhood stuffed animal or toy? Do you still have it? Okay, admit it, do you still sleep with it sometimes? 
Suggested by Kassie 

This is not a pony.
I had to go to the parental sources on this one.  I don't remember any favorite toys. 

My dad said "Didn't you get a large pony from the grocery store in town? Cried because you didn't win the contest, so [Mr. C] got another stuffed pony and gave it to you."

Um, well, The Dad was partly right. According to The Mommy Person, "The cat was a promotional prize at the grocery store by some distributor. Slips of paper were put in a box and a winner was drawn. I explained to you that we would put your name in but many people were putting in their names. One day we went to the store and the cat was gone. I explained that someone else had won the cat. You were indeed very distraught. [Mr. C] contacted the distributor and got another cat, which he brought out to the house."

I remember the cat.  It was kind of irritating because it wouldn't stand up right, but it was big enough to curl up against it's belly as a neck and shoulder pillow.  I do remember that.

One of these is a cookie monster.
It's not the fuzzy green one.
So, I asked my mom if she remembered any favorite toys and she said, "The Cookie Monster stuffed toy. I think I have a picture." Turns out she meant this picture.

Big Giant Sigh.

I don't remember Oscar.

I really don't remember many of my childhood toys.  I remember getting a Lite-Brite.  I remember playing with Play-Doh. I remember my dad putting up a tire swing for me.  I had a swing set and a sand box.

I can't go back and look through those long forgotten toys to see what I'm missing.  When I was a high school freshman (freshwoman?), I developed a fascination with candles and melted wax.  In an attempt to get a bunch of melted wax I left a large pillar candle burning.  In my closet. When I wasn't there. And subsequently set my parents' house on fire.

Fortunately no one was hurt.  My room was completely destroyed and there was plenty of smoke and water damage throughout the rest of the house.  My kid stuff gone in an instant. It provided a clean break between child and teen. I remember very little of my room "before" and I don't play with candles.

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