Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 Things I Hate

December 17 Reverb Broads
Instead of a list of your favorite things, write a list of your least favorite things, e.g. Worst book you ever finished, the color you hate, bad songs, bad romances, bad recipes.

During confirmation class our pastor asked what the opposite of love was.  When we said hate, he told us we were wrong.  Hate, he said, is really a different sort of love.  They're both strong emotions that demand enormous amounts of energy.  The difference is that one of them is fulfilling, the other fruitless.

That being said, I love to complain about the things I hate.

  1. People who suck the life out things. For example, walking out on a spring day and I notice some of the first buds of the season.  After pointing them out to my companion, this person goes on a rant about how even the first bit of spring ends in death and decay.
  2. People who don't use their turn signals.  I'm with Nikki on this one.
  3. Caraway seed, potato salad, coleslaw, meat loaf, and most winter squash.  The first three I cannot eat; I will spit them out if somehow they enter my mouth. As for the last two,   I am capable of swallowing them, but I'd really rather not have the opportunity.
  4. Television commercials.  I hate the way they break up a show.
  5.  Pepto-bismol and breast cancer awareness pink.  Both are fine institutions.  I just think they got stuck with bad colors.
  6. Having a kitchen full of staples, always.  Except for that one ingredient, that we always have, except for tonight when I need it.
  7. When I get home from work and want to sit quietly and read or just generally zone out and my husband really, really, really needs to talk to me.
  8. Shopping for clothes.  Books, music, stuff for the house, sure, but clothes? Please, I beg you, spare me.
  9. The morning hosts on the classic rock station on my husband's alarm clock
  10. Underwear that is too tight and socks that are too loose


  1. Ha! I just read yours after posting mine. You and I are in sync with #5. It was the color of my office when I moved in. Painted fast!

  2. OMG YES CARAWAY -- I totally forgot how much I hate that. Of course, I'm immediately reminded the minute I take a bite of something. Bleh.