Monday, December 19, 2011

An Evening in the Life

December 19 Reverb Broads
Self-Portrait: Post a picture of you that you like, write about yourself, post a video - what do you want your self-portrait to say about you?
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There are very few pictures I like of myself.  I suspect I'm like many people in that respect.  I decided to choose three from our recent visit to Jon's grandma and uncle.  They seem to capture the basic elements of me.

I'm wearing blue jeans and a cotton shirt.  My favorite type of clothes.

I tend to slide into myself when I'm doing mundane tasks. In this picture I am lost in my own little world.  The chunk of bangs that always falls in my face has fallen and I'm completely unaware of my picture being taken.  I'm off in this little world quite often.  It's what makes it so absolutely easy to startle the bejeebers out of me.

This is me in my standard, "Yes, what do you want?" pose. Notice the hand on the hip.  Yep, that's standard, too.  Apparently I've been a hands on the hips gal since I was a toddler.  And the expression, yes, it's a bit unpleasant (?). But really, it's just my neutral look. I really don't mean to scare people, but I do.  Sorry.

And this is me sharing pictures with Grandma. That's what I do like to do.  Share things that make people happy.

All pictures by Jon


  1. The hand on the hip thing... I come from a long line of that. We just have stuff to do, that's all, and people need to stop preventing us from getting on with it.

  2. I always get that same distracted, leave me alone look when cooking or frankly focused on anything. And I love that you look happiest in the photo with your grandmother.