Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Nut Doesn't Fall far from the Tree, Revisited

How are you like your mother? And if you're a mother, how is/are your kid(s) like you?

Like I said, my dad, brother, and husband are all more than happy to tell you how I am like my mom, usually because they find it so amusing.

So, for the easy things.  I don't have kids.  I'm not able to address that.  Also, I'm a good 6 inches taller than my mom. Such is life.

Still, I chose to query my cousin and my brother about five characteristics that they associated with my mom. Thus far my brother has been kind enough to provide me with cranky and forgetful. Which, sadly enough I share.  At least the cranky part.  I'm going to disagree about the forgetful part.

 My cousin, Gretchen, on the other hand, was quite helpful

Aunt Karen is a hard-working person who demands perfection from those that she works with and those that cut vegetables for Italian salad. She's a stellar cook and enjoys having family around, at least I think so. When I was a kid her style was pretty traditional, meat, potatoes and a veggie, get a glass of milk and get eating. It has morphed some into new dishes with spices I can't pronounce or find in the store, but still really good. She believes men can cook, clean and do laundry and encouraged me to make sure my husband knew how to do those things when I got married. No gathering is complete without a cup of coffee and something to dunk in it, no matter what time of the day the gathering takes place. Your mom works hard to find gifts that bring back memories for her sister and things that are handmade to keep me warm. She doesn't miss major life events (graduations, birthdays, holidays, weddings) and uses her meticulous qualities to make sure everything is perfect, down to the last button, corsage or straight tie. She appreciates a hard-worker and her laugh is infectious.

So, to address the points above.

Like poor Gretchen, I often cut vegetables improperly.  Who knew that they had to be just so?  Well, my mom, of course. And don't worry.  She will tell you when you are doing it wrong.

I’m a good cook myself, but a basic meat and potatoes dinner? I still haven’t mastered it. The unpronounceable spices? I'm not exactly sure what those might be, but I have a drawer full of spices to cook Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, Japanese, Midwest, and European.

My mom has always felt that we all should be able cook and clean and fend for ourselves.  Jon and I both cook, clean, and do laundry.  In fact, this week is Jon's week to cook and I rarely have to deal with his bike clothing.

Well, exactly, what is the point of spending time with people if you don’t have coffee and tasty baked goods. I realized as I was putting together this year’s tasty baked good Christmas packages that they are all good coffee cookies.

Mom makes awesome knit caps and can even make mittens to match.  Hmm, I can't knit.  But I crochet.  Close enough, right? And sadly, I'm just not that great a gift-giver.  Apparently my brother scored on that front.

Why would anyone want anything less than perfect?  And my husband wonders why I stress out before my parents are due to visit.

Me and Gretchen in one of mom's hats
I hope that I can be the same sort of person my mom is.  The kind that people count on to ensure that everything is just so.  

Thanks, Mom.  

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  1. So sweet. I've got one of those frighteningly competent moms too, and I know how nice it is to feel like you measure up to her sometimes. Thanks so much for writing!