Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm dreaming of a white-collar job

December 23, 2011

If you could have any job, what would it be?
Dana at

Up until some time in high school I wanted to be a veterinarian.  It was herd check day and I realized I didn't want to be doing pregnancy tests on cows for a living.  Since then, I've never really figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

My dream job would have the following features:
  • An office with a window and ability to work mostly by myself
  • Spreadsheets and statistical analysis
  • Writing, not standard operating procedures or manuals, but non-fiction
  • Research
  • The ability to spend the day following threads through the internet
  • Freedom to make my own hours
  • A fun group of co-workers
  • Not in academia
  • Relatively free of politics
  • Technical, even though I would likely be on the sidelines of the technology
  • Likely at a small to medium-sized business
  • Projects sufficiently detailed that the end is visible, but still allows for plenty of creativity

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