Monday, December 12, 2011

Friday Freedom

Name and explain the one guilty pleasure you can't live without. ie: that cupcake shop you visit weekly, a book you repeatedly read to find solace in, etc). Then explore the idea of how you would feel if you gave that thing up for a year. 

I have a longer commute and usually spend more time at work than my husband, I to leave the house before he does and then return after him. For the most part, when I’m home, he’s home.

Except for Friday afternoons. My last two jobs had short Fridays. It was possible to work nine hours each day Monday through Thursday and then leave at noon on Friday. My Friday afternoons, home alone, are completely decadent. I get to watch my “chick” shows and movies piled up in the Netflix queue. I treat myself to some takeout for lunch or a chocolate-y coffee drink or a tasty baked good (or, sometimes all three – that’s the guilty part). I take a nap. I run errands free from the hassle of after-work and weekend crowds. I read.  I write. It is my time to be “single”. My time to be alone and lazy.

With my new job, my solo Fridays are few and far between. Core work hours at 9-3, even on Fridays. A week ago I had Friday afternoon meetings at 2pm, 4pm, and 4:30pm.

How would I deal with a year without my Fridays? Well, I’m already a bit put out that I don’t have as many as I used to. A year without them?!? I imagine there are not enough calming agents in the world to completely replace what a well-placed Friday afternoon can do for my psyche.


  1. People who schedule meetings at 4 or 4:30 on a Friday afternoon ... well, I'll bet you can imagine what I think should be done with them! That's atrocious.